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April 29, 2022


AS332L2 Super Puma starting part out next week! Currently everything is available. Aircraft was stored in a CHE cell for 5.5 years under an Airbus Technical Agreement. All preservation records and work packs available. Blades and servos already out for test and recert. Let me know what you need!


September 10, 2020

Global AirParts announces AW139 part out project

Abbotsford, BC: Sept, 10 2020: Global AirParts, the leading provider of used, serviceable materials for Sikorsky
S76 helicopters, commenced its first AW139 part out project.
“The helicopter industry continues to face significant overcapacity with significant idle assets, many of which
may never fly again. We have a proven track record of accurately identifying candidate aircraft for part-out
and efficiently disassembling them to ensure those parts return to service fully inspected and certified by
Transport Canada and FAA approved repair stations,” said Mike Pirang, founder and CEO of Global AirParts.
While Global AirPart’s focus has historically been the S76 product, the company sees opportunities to leverage
its proprietary part-out system and expand into the AW139 model, given the large active fleet worldwide.
“The sum of the parts is greater than the whole in this market and we’re likely to see more of these. This
particular AW139 would have required millions of dollars in maintenance to return to service, which is not
economically viable in the current environment. Whether main rotor blades or cabin interior liners, a far
better use of capital resources is to make these parts available to operators worldwide by helping the industry
recycle its aircraft and directly lower its operating costs,” continued Pirang.
Global Air Parts continues to expand its service offerings and will look at additional aircraft types beyond the
S76 and AW139 as opportunities arise.

October 07, 2019

Global is attending Vertical Flight in Farnborough Nov 5-7

Members of the Global team will be attending the Vertical Flight expo Nov 5-7 2019!


Along with our  continued Sikorsky S76 support, we are extremely excited to talk about our new RFID warehouse inventory tracking system, CAPTURE.

Previously this technology was only available to the largest multinational corporations. Global Airparts has developed an affordable, reliable technology  to reduce or even eliminate inventory errors and losses.


Our system was constructed as an "add on" , stand alone system which links directly to your current inventory system, which allows real time tracking and updating throughout your warehouse or even multiple warehouse locations across multiple cities or countries. There is no requirement from our side, to replace your current inventory software.

Ask us for more details on how this system can greatly increase your companies efficiency  and lower your direct inventory overhead.

Take true control over one of your companies largest costs.

February 07, 2018

Global purchases 2 x Sikorsky S76 C+

2 x Sikorksy S76 C+ purchased by Global Airparts.  Just in and parting out now.  Contact us for a complete parts list or for quote.

January 11, 2018

Global purchases Sikorsky S76C+

Sikorsky S76 C+ just arrived.  Lots of parts.  Email  us for quote or parts list.

November 08, 2017

Global purchases Sikorsky S76.

Sikorsky S76.  Just in and parting out now.  Contact us at

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